Ayurveda is an Ancient Art Grounded in Centuries of Knowledge & Tradition

Ki-Atsu & Uma-Sri Institute for Vedic Sciences offers 4 types of Subscriptions:

1. Free subscriptions for students only wanting to purchase courses or workshops online. 

2. Paid membership for individuals who would like to understand their constitution from an Ayurvedic & Jyotish perspective, as well as having reports to understand recommended remedies.

3. Paid membership for Interns of a Ki-Atsu Certification or Therapists with their own practice and wishing for an online patient management system along with reports they can share with their patients or clients.

4. Paid membership for Organizations wishing to manage their therapists, who can then manage their patients in the same way described above.

Ayurveda treats Body, Mind and Spirit as an indivisible whole, approaching wellness and healing from a unique perspective of compassion.

Uma-Sri & Ayurvedic Diagnostic embraces and expands upon this treasure trove of learning, adapting it into the modern experience.

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